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Sign buying guide

Information on all matters relating to health and safety including safety signs can be found on the Health and Safety Executive website
Selecting and Ordering Your Signs

A. Choose your sign

Use the category list to navigate your way round the site and find the products you need. Alternatively use the search function at the top to find a particular item. For example type in "no smoking" to find the relevant safety signs. Each safety sign contains a unique 4 or 5 digit code so if you have a catalogue, you can type in the unique code to take you to an exact product.

E.g No Smoking = 3003

B. Choose your material

The available materials for each safety sign are shown in the drop down menus within the products. If signs aren't available in the material you require, please contact us for a quote.

Health & Safety Sign Material Guide:

1. Self Adhesive Vinyl - Adhesive backed sticker to be used indoors
2. Rigid Plastic - Solid plastic for both indoor and outdoor
3. Photoluminescent Adhesive Vinyl - Adhesive sticker that glows in the dark
4. Photoluminescent Rigid Plastic - Solid plastic that glows in the dark
5. Polycarbonate - Vandal resistant and virtually unbreakable
6. Aluminium - White coated, hardened for both indoor or outdoor
7. Aluminium composite - White aluminium sheet with polyethylene core

Please note: a more detailed description of the materials can be found at the bottom of the page.

C. Choose your size

All safety sign sizes are in millimetres and are shown in the drop down alongside each product, in the short description or the individual product pages. Below is a viewing distance guide for fire exit signs, however most products come in a variety of sizes based on their application.

Safety Sign Material Guide - Detailed

Self Adhesive Vinyl
- Permanent adhesive backed gloss PVC vinyl
- Suitable for application to smooth dry surfaces
- Ideally suited for use indoors

Rigid Plastic
- 1mm thick rigid PVC
- Can easily be punched or drilled
- Lightweight with high impact strength
- Suitable for both internal and external applications

Photoluminescent Adhesive Vinyl
- Photoluminescent permanent adhesive backed gloss PVC vinyl
- After-glowing properties which exceed PSPA class "A" standards
- All performances measured to DIN 67510 standards

Photoluminescent Rigid Plastic
- 2mm thick photoluminescent rigid PVC
- After-glowing properties which exceed PSPA class "A" standards
- All performances measured to DIN 67510 standards

- 2mm thick clear polycarbonate
- Sub-surface printing to prevent damage
- Designed to resist vandalism and is virtually unbreakable

- 0.9mm thick white coated aluminium
- Suitable for both internal and external applications
- Particularly suitable for building sites and other exposed environments

Reflective Traffic
- Available in various materials including, aluminium, zintec & aluminium composite with a reflective finish.
- RA1 reflective (engineering grade) for temporary traffic signs
- R2 reflective (high intensity) for permanent traffic signs. CE Marked.

Miscellaneous Products
- Manufactured from a range of materials to suit their respective duties
- Miscellaneous sign materials include:

Fluted Polypropylene - 4mm, lightweight, waterproof, 100% recyclable and ideal for temporary signs
Banner PVC - Flame resistant, 440gsm PVC for indoor and outdoor use
Synthetic Paper - 110gsm high density polyethylene. Durable, tear, water and grease resistant
Foam PVC - Lightweight and durable. Available in 3mm or 5mm. Easily drilled and ideal for site safety boards
Clear Acrylic - 5mm non-shatter acrylic. 100% recyclable
Aluminium Composite - 3mm white aluminium skin with polyethylene core. Weather resistant and ideal for site safety boards. No scrappage value to reduce risk of theft.
Tactile and Braille - 2 ply ABS material for internal use or 2 ply DR acrylic material for internal or external use. Scratch resistant.
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