First aid at work – Thousand of people each year are injured at work, this can be anything from a cut or fall to something more life threatening. For any low risk environment at a minimum there should be a first aid box and a designated person to co-ordinate first aid arrangements. For more high risk environments there should be designated first aiders. Under the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 (as amended 1997) employers have a legal obligation to assess and introduce first aid provisions and any such provision should be easy to locate.

At Proshield Safety Signs we manufacture and stock a wide range of First Aid Signs for First aid at work, these include location signs for things such as the First Aid room, emergency shower and Emergency defibrillator. As well as signs where you as an employee can write the names of your first aiders and their contact details.

We also stock Accident report books. In line with the Data Protection Act 1998, this A4 book enables the record of an accident /incident relating to any individual to be easily removed from the main book and stored securely in an employees private records. There are 50 individual records, all on perforated paper to enable records to be kept confidential.

Emergency Treatment Wall Panels – Our emergency treatment wall panels can be fixed to any surface using a quick release hook and loop system and snatch handle for easy removal. This provides First Aiders ‘on the spot’ treatment advice.

Posters and Pocket Guides – these posters and pocket guides offer advice for such things and hand hygiene, shocks, resuscitation, choking and burns as well as Electric shocks. The pocket guides are great to be handed out to your designated first aiders, so they have them to hand throughout the working week.