3M reflective traffic signs
Our traffic signs are all manufactured in accordance with Chapter 8 and TSRGD guidelines. In accordance with BS EN 12899, we use 3M reflective materials, meeting the class specifications of RA1 and R2. Our range of standard signs are also supplied with channelling so they can easily be mounted to posts.

On the 1st July 2013 it was stated that any permanent sign that directs traffic as listed in the TSRGD Traffic Handbook must be CE Marked, meaning that any sign placed on a public highway needs to be produced in accordance with the CE Marking standards. Please note that all our R2 reflective signs are supplied complete with CE Marking, these have a longer lead time than our standard signs, so please ensure you leave sufficient time before ordering. If you cannot find the sign you require on our website or in our catalogue, please contact us and we can do a bespoke quote for you.

Details about the 3M materials

RA1 – Engineer grade, has lower reflectivity level, lower cost and approximately a 7 year lifespan. Its manufactured in 3mm thick grey backed aluminium and is used for temporary traffic signs.

R2 – High intensity prismatic and retains a higher reflectivity level over 12 years. Manufactured in 3mm thick traffic dibond, aluminium composite and is used for permanent traffic signs because it is CE Marked.

Please remember when ordering your signs that permanent road signs must be CE Marked by law.